The New Men’s Frat

In order for there to be change, there has to be some history.  To change from nothing is not a change, rather a beginning.  Therefore, as we reveal our new Men’s Frat at LCBC logo and unveil our new website (you are here now) it acts as a hinge from what got us here to where we are going.

A quick look back has us beginning Men’s Fraternity “Quest for Authentic Manhood” in the fall of 2005.  We chose to stop doing “Band of Brothers” 4 times a year for a proven program out of Little Rock, Ark that was 24 weeks long. Men also connected through Freedom Riders, our annual Motorsports event and a golf outing.

Now, as we begin our 8th year, over 7000 men have journeyed with us through 4 years of Men’s Fraternity and 3 years of Knights of the 21st Century curricula.  While our small groups have become “campfires”, Freedom Riders has grown to events 12 months a year and Motorsports is now at 6000 people; this blog is about what is new not what has grown.

The fact that over the years we have added Pull (Pork, Shotguns, Corn, Pumpkin Chunckin’) in the middle of July. Then we threw in a number of great River Riders events throughout the summer. And then we added the outdoor experiences of AdventureU the rest of the year. All are some of the best connecting events for men you can imagine; there really is nothing new about that.

However, as we grow to six campuses (3 in the last 9 months) and see more on the horizon, we need to keep our vision clear.  When we watch the caliber of men coming out of Frat and discover the impact of their leadership on every area they touch, we thought, “Now is the time to solidify our collective focus going forward!”

So starting today, all of men’s ministries at LCBC will now to be under the heading of Men’s Frat.  The Men’s Frat experience is our primary focus.  Our time together allows us to discover what a man was designed by God to be.  Then we connect in “campfires” as we work through the material immediately following the teaching. And as we leave it is with the goal to serve within the various environments that we find ourselves.

Our desire is to eventually have Frat’s on all our campuses. The rest of the ongoing and annual events for men will continue to be guided by the Manheim Campus.

So, explore our new website, visit our Facebook page and discover the many ways to connect with other men and connect them to LCBC.  Moreover, if you are not in a Men’s Frat at Harrisburg or Manheim, (link to frat registration) consider “test driving” with us and see how it fits.

What was has morphed to what is.  And, all of it is designed to have more Lives Changed By Christ.

About Keith Walker

Keith is the Director of Men’s and Singles Ministries and on the Teaching Staff at LCBC. Married to his wife Lynn for over 38 years, they have four sons, Joshua, Joel, Caleb, Seth, and daughters-in-law Carrene, Holly, and Allison and grandsons Cole and Beau.
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  • Jeff Johnson

    I am so filled with thanksgiving for the opportunity to learn and grow in this environment. Thank you for an exceptional opening night in 2012 at Manheim. You opened your heart in a way that helped me find some peace in actions done long ago that I can now approach in a new light, a Godly light! I am thankful for the opportunity…

  • Guest

    Would like to get Frat at Ephrata ASAP. Also please consider not just using the main campus as the hub. Each campus should have their own events.