Live Like Someone Left The gate Open

A friend recently sent me a picture showing a dog running at full speed, face in the wind, ears pealed back, enjoying life at its fullest.   The caption “Live Like Someone Left the Gate Open” stirred an emotion deep inside of me.

As I approach my 47th birthday, I am painfully aware of the parts of me that have been bruised or died as the challenges of life leave scars on my soul.  The reality of relationships that haven’t always been easy, the financial pressure as our country works through a recession, the challenges of marriage and parenting, unforeseen health issues, and numerous others setbacks, often leave me feeling  tired and hopeless, feeling trapped with no way out.  Understanding that life won’t always be easy, I still want to be intentional about making life decisions that help me experience less moments behind the fence and more moments celebrating life with my face in the wind.

Many years ago the Greek philosopher Socrates stated “the unexamined life is not worth living”. I think he was on to something.  I have experienced and believe that when I am not purposeful about life choices and planning where I am going, I find myself increasingly spending time trapped behind that fence looking out at a distance at a life I had hoped to be living.

Men’s Frat has given me a 24 week framework helping me to find that time each week to examine my life.  As an added bonus, doing this other men gives me the benefit of learning from their life stories as well as the support I need when change becomes difficult.

At Men’s Frat each week you will be challenged with outside the box thinking that if embraced and implemented will give us more moments of gate left open experiences.  Taking 90 minutes out of each week to take an objective view of our lives, past, present, and where we are going is a worthy investment in our manhood.

If you are currently a part of Men’s Frat at LCBC, I am so looking forward to the next 20+ weeks of doing life with you.  If you have been with us in the past or have never experienced the 24 week adventure with us, consider coming out for just one week and see if something stirs inside that you thought was gone forever.  Join us at our next frat session.  We meet weekly at 6am Wednesday morning or 730pm Thursday nights. Let’s “Live Life Like Someone Left The Gate Open.”

Strength, Honor, Together

Your Brother in Arms,
Clair Hoover

About Clair Hoover

Clair is a local business person and has served with Men’s Frat at LCBC for over 8 years. Clair has been married to his bride Bonnie for 25 years and they are the proud parents of 2 sons, Shane and Cameron.
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